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Shandong Shenli rigging Co Ltd is a provincial new and high technology enterprise which has modern management level and ability of manufacturing medium and high grade rigging It has a history of more than thirty years that all of the products are exported The products include more than 1000 varieties among which G80 connecting link G80 safety hook G80 shortening clutch and G80 Tawgk have been patented At present among all the domestic manufactures of rigging SHENLI is in the highest flight not only in manufacture scale technology and equipment but also in quality variety and specification Now SHENLI has more than 500 sets of equipments including the 26 key sets of testing equipments The...

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70 AND GRADE 43 GRAB HOOKEN1677 STANDARD HOOK WITH LATCHchain sling inspection procedureline array rigging hardware ebayG80 CLEVIS SLING HOOK WITH LATCHqingdao yumetal hardware riggingindian standard for lifting hookstandard lifting hook dimensionsanchor shackle and chain shacklealloy sling chain hazel crest ilrigging hardware marine hardwareMADE OF HIGH TENSILE ALLOY STEELCARBON AND ALLOY STEEL TWO TYPESnarrow body eye hook for liftingHIGH TENSILE ALLOY STEEL SHACKLEcrosby lifting hook safety latchTRIGGER KIT OF SELF LOCKING HOOKlifting hook with threaded shankgigasense automatic lifting hookG100 CLEVIS SHORTENING GRAB HOOKG100 CLEVIS SELFLOCK HOOK SAFETYG100 SWIVEL SELFLOCK HOOK SAFETYREVERST TYPE HOOK WITH ROUND EYEHIGHT TENSILE ALLOY STEEL SHACKLEMADE ACCORDING TO EN1677 STANDARDLARGE TROAD HOOK WITH BIG OPENINGlifting hook without safety latchBLACK PIN WITH ZINC PLATED SLEEVEexcavator lifting hook attachmentLIFTING HOOK WITH STEEL WIRE ROPEsailboat rigging hardware near meHIGH 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